What our patients say

I had issues with fibroids and cysts for some time, but after a scan showed they were large and growing, and because I'm 47 years old, we decided on a radical hysterectomy using the robotic laparoscopic technique with Dr Jose. It was arranged quickly and performed within a week at St Luke's BGC. Although I don't remember anything of the actual procedure, I was comfortable when I woke up from the anaesthetic and was able to get out of bed and move around the following day. In fact, the whole recovery was vastly easier than I ever imagined. Because I'm obese I was worried about wound healing, but I was able to leave the hospital after just two days with five very small cuts in my abdomen. I managed for myself quite well and even stopped taking painkillers as soon as I went home. I was feeling strong after a week and went back to work after a couple more weeks. The robotic surgery was amazing in terms of how comfortable I was and how quickly I returned to normal. Dr Jose had to hold me back because I felt so good and was keen to return to exercise early! Now that I'm fully recovered, I'm so glad that I got the procedure done as I no longer suffer from any discomfort. I was nervous about the operation beforehand, but it was really worth going for the robotic surgery because it was so easy.


Dear Dra. Jose,
I could not thank you enough for the successful procedure done last July 9, 2018 for my bladder prolapse. I appreciated your pre-operative orientation on the benefits of a robotic-assisted procedure versus the traditional surgery. I am glad that I opted for the robotic-assisted procedure which is senior-friendly. The operation was performed at 7:15 p.m. and was over by 9:20 p.m. After the operation, I was fully awake and was transferred to the recovery room where I waited for a few hours before transferred to my room. My thanks, too, to Dr. Gerard de Jesus, anesthesiologist for a job well done. I had IVs and catheter, but the following day, I requested that the catheter be removed as I was able to go to the bathroom without much effort. I was on pain killer and antibiotics through IV which made me comfortable and helped in my fast recovery. On July 11, after being cleared of any complications my IV was removed and prescription medicines for pain killer and antibiotics.given to be continued at home. I was out of St. Luke's Medical Center by 4:00 p.m. of July 11. My kudos go also to the efficient staff of St. Luke's which made my stay at the hospital a pleasant one. Praise God for relieving me of my symptoms and allowing me to have a better life.
With much thanks,

Connie Baylon

I consulted Dr. Jose after years of suffering from multiple myomas in my uterus, with the largest being 15cm. I had found her website online and with her expertise in robotic surgery, I immediately decided to meet with her a few days after. She was so warm and positive, explained the procedure well, and patiently answered the entire list of questions I had brought with me. I scheduled my surgery with her right after our consultation. About three weeks later, I went in for surgery, and was able to go home after 2 days. I felt Dr. Jose did such an amazing job - I was most especially impressed with how small she made the incisions on my torso (4 incisions total, with one in my belly button), and none of the scars became keloids (I'm a keloid former). From those small incisions, she removed 11 keloids and reconstructed my uterus, all within 3 hours. Not only is she an incredibly skilled robotic surgeon, but she was very helpful in answering all of my questions and concerns prior to the surgery. I felt that she was so open with me and optimistic about the operation, recovery, and my overall diagnosis. Having the myomas removed and choosing robotic surgery performed by Dr. Jose was honestly the best decision I made for myself in the past 10 years.

Pearl Tan

A Recount of my robotic hysterectomy performed on May 6,2018
I would summarize my robotic hysterectomy as one of the most uneventful and the easiest surgery I had, compared to my previous experiences with Fundoplication, laminectomy and knee replacement. Robotic surgery is painless and downtime is very minimal. I wanted to go home the next day after surgery, but Dr. Jenny Jose did not allow me for proper monitoring of my vital signs. I did not experience any pain during and after the surgery such that I would have gone to work after discharge from the hospital, nevertheless Dr Jose advised me to rest for a week . The 3 cuts are so small and infection incident was not an issue, because it was fully covered by water proof tapes. Definitely I will recommend the robotic surgery over conventional one. Based on the experience of my sister who had a conventional surgery she stayed home more than a month and was in pain the whole time. Another cousin who had a conventional hysterectomy also told me she was in pain for six months. Dr Jennifer Jose is truly an expert with robotic surgery.

Elisa Trias 70 years old

*I would just like to say how happy and pleased that I had the robotic laparoscopic surgery. It has definitely changed my life for the better. There is no more pelvic pain and I'm finding I can stand and walk without pain for much longer time than before. Of course I am able to urinate have bm,s without a problem. I,ve been feeling so much lighter on my feet...No more extra baggage hanging around my pelvis and dragging me down and causing my back to hurt. Thank you again for a successful surgery!
Sincerely E.B, a very satisfied. Patient


*Since my teenage years, I have struggled with progressive adenomyosis. My monthly periods were my most dreaded moments. I was totally dependent on strong pain killers and usually stayed in bed, incapacitated for days. This condition affected both my work and social commitments. I even turned down job assignments abroad in fear of living alone when the pain strikes at its worse.
Being the resourceful person that I am, I constantly searched the internet about my condition, patiently read blogs and painstakingly went from one doctor to another here in Manila and in Singapore, looking for all possible treatments. It was a long and arduous process trying different medications for several years. I wanted both the best doctor and the best option for me. Thankfully, three of my friends all referred Dr. Jennifer Jose – Pioneer of Robotic Surgery in the Philippines and Head of Robotic Surgery in Philippine Society of Gynecologic Endoscopy. Meeting Dr. Jose was like an answered prayer.
Since I never had any major surgery in life, undergoing such was one of my greatest fears. Before meeting Dr. Jose, I was hesitant about robotic surgery. Although I have read about Da Vinci robotic surgery online, I never met anyone who underwent this procedure. This fear kept me from doing what I should have done years ago.
It was a blessing to know Dr. Jose because she’s the only one who truly eased my surgery fears. My frequent visits to Dr. Jose’s clinic were surprisingly pleasant even if I was in pain due to large fibroids and had to undergo surgery soon. Perhaps it was her cheerful disposition that somehow lightens the situation yet, honest and detailed approach in explaining my condition. Her gentle manner of conducting internal examinations, patience to answer even my most silly, repetitive questions and humility amidst all her achievements are noteworthy qualities that endeared me to this wonderful doctor. Moreover, I appreciate her genuine concern for me not just as a patient but like a friend as well.
On the day of the surgery, I had the best team arranged by Dr. Jose – from the assisting doctor, the anaesthesiologist and all the nurses. It’s amazing how only two days after the Da Vinci robotic surgery, I was able to get up and walk around the hospital room. My incisions were so tiny they could actually be covered by band-aids. I’m so glad I could still wear a bikini! After being released from the hospital, Dr. Jose never ceased to be there for me by answering all my questions any time of the day. She was indeed right in saying that after the surgery, I’ll wish I would have done it sooner… and I did!
Now, I live a pain-free life and I could only thank the expertise of Dr. Jennifer Jose and her team who became God’s instruments in bringing back the quality of life I have so longed for all these years.


*Even before I went to see a gynaecologist for a probable hysterectomy, I already had in mind what I wanted --- a minimally invasive procedure and short recovery time from the operation. Hearing from friends who had undergone similar operations, I am terrified of open abdominal cut and their post-operative stories of waking up feeling weak, groggy and nauseous , not to mention weeks of experiencing searing pain from their wounds.
I do not have words to thank Dr. Jennifer B. Jose for the amazing job she has done on me in removing my uterus through the da Vinci Surgical System. I did not feel nervous at all as I was being wheeled into the operating room as I had complete trust with Dr. Jose. In less than 24 hours after my operations, I was able to move about normally, eat and talk like nothing happened.
I am glad that with the suggestion and informative guidance of Dr. Jose, I elected the robotically –assisted da Vinci System for my operation. It was one of the wisest “executive” decisions I made and with it and a surgeon who is considered one of the best in the field, in my case, undergoing a gynaecology surgery really seemed just a walk in the park.


*Disclaimer: All surgical and non-surgical results are subject to the individualities of the patient and the normal variability of clinical procedure results.